Designer Woodworks is a local family owned company based in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island. We are a network of artisans, all with unique talents in our crafts, working together to create beautiful, custom pieces for your home or business.

We have a deep appreciation for the time honoured skill of woodworking and the masterful techniques that go into each and every design that our artisans produce. We utilize a variety of innovative tools accompanied with limitless creativity to build masterpieces (including but not limited to; CNC wood routing, turning, resin pours, paint, glass and intarsia). We have finished products available in our gallery, and we also encourage our clients to become involved in the selection of custom imagery and conceptions for their dream piece!

Designer Woodworks is passionate about reforestation and we take the appropriate steps to make this world a better place. We are committed to providing you with quality art and furniture using reclaimed wood from Vancouver Island.  We are using salvaged material that would otherwise not be reused or recycled, then creating the merchandise you see in our gallery. Designer Woodworks is proud to be part of the Comox Valley and involved in igniting generosity within our community. A portion of our proceeds are given back to local organizations to help build community engagement, awareness and to empower others to support those less fortunate.