Designer Woodworks supports a number of local artists from the Comox Valley and Vancouver Island as a whole. We operate a gallery space in Downtown Courtenay to display their work along with some of our custom furnishings as well. Come and see their creations and help support a local artisan!


Owner, operator, visionary and creator of Designer Woodworks Inc. From designing and building homes to developing products that have enhanced the industrial world, Nico has always had a creative mindset. He has a deep love of nature and the beauty inherent within, and is passionate about using the many gifts mother nature provides. Combining these gifts with the use of modern technology, Nico is able to blend mathematics and creativity to develop beautiful pieces of wood furniture and art to enhance the home.


Dean has been working as a Red Seal Carpenter and site supervisor for over twenty years. He takes great pride in the design and the process of custom projects. He works hard to create products on time, on budget and that exceed expectations.


Objects d’art large and small! Dave hand crafts each unique piece from wood salvaged here in the Comox Valley. Dave skillfully turns wooden bowls, trays, plates, balls, dragon eggs, and wands on his lathe. His items make wonderful gifts for both functional and treasured art. Please feel free to contact us for made to order items from this deft artisan.



John started carving as a hobby in the early 90's. Taking lessons from fellow carvers, jewelry makers, and sculptors, he developed a style of his own. John has competed in carving competitions all over Western Canada and won awards in all of them. He also etches glass, makes jewelry and teaches carving classes. John’s carvings can be found in private collections all over the world. Carving began as a creative pastime and hobby that went a little crazy! He uses many local woods & burls, either alone or in combination with moose antlers, including whole standing pieces.


Darcy began her pottery career in 1993, and immediately realized that working with clay was both magical and immensely fulfilling. She has honed her skills with workshops in functional and decorative pieces as well as specialized seminars with Gordon Hutchens (Denman Island), Meg Burgess and world-renowned potters Siegele and Haley. The transformation of a piece may go from bowl to plate to abstract before it reveals itself, which makes each of Darcy's pieces unique. Not limiting herself to one medium, she has learned and crosses over between traditional thrown pottery to slab work, Raku and porcelain, often incorporating the theory of one discipline into another. Her attention to intricate details has earned her prominence in some of the most exclusive resort destination venues.


John discovered a need to create and express himself during quiet moments on lengthy trips working with CN rail. Watercolour was his chosen medium in the midst of scenic adventures. In 2001, he enrolled in the University of Alberta Fine Arts Certification program. Much of Janzen’s skills are self-taught and learned through artists workshops. He has been especially influenced by Gregg Johnson using the Ed Whitney process. Tony Couch remains one of his mentors. Some other influences have been Robert Longo, John Singer Sargent, David Janzen, Blake Ward, The Group of Seven and Emily Carr. In 2011, Janzen travelled to Milan, where he continued his education at NABA School of Art and Design. He travelled throughout Europe and was inspired by the Great Masters. This culminated in a shift to oil. He still paints with watercolours and acrylics en plein. Janzen moved to Victoria in 2013, and was newly inspired by the natural power and destruction of the ocean.


Angela RaeAnn is a modern abstract artist who is dedicated to creating unique conversion pieces. What began as doodling became a full-time passion. Her designs lend themselves to numerous mediums including t-shirts and cell phone cases. Partnering with Designer Woodworks, she looks forward to blending her artistry with ours. Her elegant and clean designs bring a cutting-edge flair to natural wood that enhances both.