We are fortunate enough to have access to a wide selection of reclaimed wood slabs. We are proud to give these beautiful trees a second life and a new home with our customers or to local artisans for their creations. Every single piece of wood we have has been saved after falling down, being removed for safety or necessary infrastructure projects. Additionally, we are proud to share the story of local trees donated to us locally.

Our selection includes dozens of local species, live or straight edge, varying thickness and specialty slabs. Please see below or contact us to see the wood we have available now.


Alder Grove

Alder trees

Alder Stains

Alder wood with different stains


A piece of Alder

Spalted Alder Bowl

Bowl turned from spalted Alder

Cherry Tree

A Cherry Tree

Cherry Stains

Cherry wood with different stains

Cherry Cutting Board

Cutting board made of Cherry

Laser on Cherry Cutting Board

Tree engraved on cherry board

Cypress Trees

A group of Cypress trees

Cypress Stains

Various stains on Cypress

Cypress Bench

Slab bench made from Cypress

Purple Tea Table

Cypress Root Tea Table

Pacific Coast Maple

Maple Trees

Pacific Maple Stains

Various stains on Maple

Maple Wood


Spalted Maple Charcuterie

Charcuterie board made from Maple

Maple Slab

Large Countertop Maple Slab

Long Maple Slabs

Beautiful Maple Slabs

Maple Vase

Turned Maple Vase

Walnut Trees

Walnut Tree

Walnut Stains

Different stains on Walnut

Walnut Wood

A piece of Walnut